Machine Made Bricks Manufacturers in Derabassi

Machine-Made Brick Manufacturers In Derabassi

Machine Made Bricks Manufacturers in Derabassi – getting in touch with MAHALUXMI BRICKS. We are the reputable, leading manufacturer of machine-made bricks in Dera Bassi. Our business is the largest producer and exporter of bricks in every style, color, and dimension. Our brick-and-tile prices are affordable. We have been producing and supplying all kinds of bricks for many years.

Our organization creates these bricks very straightforwardly with machines and the most recent technologies because machine-made bricks save time and work. 6000 bricks can be produced each hour by these devices. Machine made bricks manufacturer in Derabassi are very popular because they are more affordable and have a smoother texture and color than hand-made bricks. 

Therefore, you must contact machine made brick dealers in Derabassi. If you want to build a house or other structure, locate the most excellent machine made brick exporters in Derabassi and trading firms offering high-quality bricks at the lowest prices. All around India, there is a massive demand for our bricks. Here are our company’s contact details if you want to buy our bricks. You can reach us by phone at 9988999210 or by email at any time.

Infrequent Advantages of Machine-Made Bricks

We can all agree that manufactured goods have unique characteristics, and bricks are no different. Large quantities of high-quality bricks are produced in bulk by brickmakers to exact specifications. This ensures precision and uniformity throughout the whole construction project. Some benefits of bricks made by machines are listed below:

  • Possess a lower water absorption capacity
  • Noise, water, and protection from fire
  • sharp edges with a smooth finish
  • There is no need to plaster the facade.
  • Brunt completely, uniform in size and shape, and a deep red colour
  • uniform in texture
  • striking produces a distinct ringing sound
  • 100% no-salt bricks
  • Lack of efflorescence
  • less mortar is being used

How large is the brick industry?

The brick industry has been around for centuries, providing a primary building material that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. But just how significant is this industry? The answer may surprise you.

According to recent data, the global brick market size was valued at $215 (17,777) billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $281 (23,234)billion by 2027. This growth can be attributed to various factors such as urbanization, increasing demand for affordable housing, and the rise of sustainable construction practices.

China leads the way in production, with an estimated annual output of over 4 trillion bricks—other top-producing countries.

While traditional red clay bricks still make up a significant portion of the market share, there has been a shift towards more eco-friendly options such as fly ash bricks and compressed earth blocks. These alternatives not only reduce waste but also have lower carbon footprints.

Overall, it’s clear that the brick industry remains an essential player in the global construction sector, with continued growth on the horizon.

Dera Bassi is a city in the province of Punjab.

Dera Bassi, a Chandigarh satellite city, is a booming city. Additionally, this is a municipal council in the Indian state of Punjab’s Mohali district. This area is well-liked and well-known for its industrial belt. Dera Bassi will likely have about 251,608 residents by the year 2022.

According to the city’s population, it is evident that a sizable portion of the populace searches for the Best Machine Made Brick Manufacturers in Dera Bassi when they need bricks. Feel free now, though, as Mahaluxmi Bricks provides the highest quality Dera Bassi bricks at affordable costs.

Brick sizes offered by Mahaluxmi:

Why Customers Select Mahaluxmi Bricks As One Of The Leading Machine-Made Brick Manufacturers & Suppliers In Dera Bassi

Dera Bassi ranks our business among the top ten brick dealers. We can supply both big and little bricks. We also meet the demand for building structures, parks, bridges, and other amenities in Dera Bassi.

Additionally, our business is a reputable and well-known exporter of goods for all economic projects appropriate for commercial and non-commercial properties. We make machine-made bricks as well as salt-free bricks based on customer needs. So, phone us at the number provided if you’d want further information.

  • Producing High-Quality Bricks Bricks and tiles in Stylish and Distinctive Styles
  • On-time Delivery Reasonable Prices
  • Absolutely No Salt Bricks

Contact Details of Mahaluxmi Bricks:

Company Name – Mahaluxmi Bricks 

Contact Number –  +91-1762281494, +91-9988999210

Email Address –

Registered Address – Derabassi – Barwala Road, Near Gali no.- 10, Opposite ATS Flats, Derabassi, Punjab – 140507


  • Which company is the Top Machine Made Manufacturer &Supplier in Dera Bassi?

Mahaluxmi is the top machine-made manufacturer and supplier in Dera Bassi. We have been in business for almost 30 years and specialize in various products, including machinery, tools, parts, and accessories. Our products are renowned for their high quality, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. With our knowledge and experience in the industry, we guarantee that you will find precisely what you need from us.

  • What is the price of Machine Made Bricks in Dera Bassi?

The cost of Machine Made Bricks in Dera Bassi varies according to the size and quality of the brick. Generally, smaller bricks are priced very affordable per piece, while more giant bricks are priced at around Rs.60. The price also varies depending on the type of clay used for making the brick and its texture and color.

  • Can Mahaluxmi Bricks cover all the locations of Dera Bassi?

Yes, of course! Mahaluxmi Bricks is one of the most trusted suppliers in Dera Bassi. We have a vast network covering all of Dera Bassi and its nearby areas. Our exceptional quality bricks and customer service are available round the clock. We guarantee fast delivery and great value for money on every purchase. So, if you’re looking for building materials in Dera Bassi, look no further than Mahaluxmi Bricks!

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