Machine-made brick manufacturers in Punjab

machine made bricks manufacturers in Punjab

Manufacturers Of Machine Made Brick In Punjab – We at Mahaluxmi Bricks, the machine made bricks manufacturers in Punjab, would like to welcome you. Making a building with Machine Made Bricks In Punjab is preferable if you want to build your dream home. With the Top Brick Manufacturers In Ambala, Mahaluxmi Bricks will assist you in creating a sturdy foundation for your project or residence

In addition, we recommend Mahaluxmi Bricks. if you’re looking for high-quality materials to create a building’s walls because they provide the greatest Machine Made Bricks available. We rank among the machine made bricks in Punjab and can meet all of your construction requirements. Additionally, if anyone—including a building company—is seeking some sturdy bricks for clean designs, they should get in touch with us.

Our organization guarantees that we deliver all types of bricks and other related products in a wide range to all the associated constructors, clients, and builders. If you’re looking for Mahaluxmi Bricks‘ contact information, you can phone us at any time at +91-9988999210 and send an email to our email address

Mahaluxmi bricks are machine-made in various sizes.

We can all agree that making bricks is a difficult procedure, but thanks to our inventions and technology, our business is able to give you the best bricks at the greatest prices without much of a struggle. You can reach us at any moment if you need any of the sizes of machine-made bricks that we have available. We’ll promptly deliver a huge selection of bricks to you. Following are the sizes of machine-made bricks:

Several facts about Punjab

Punjab is one of India’s most attractive cities and is well-known for being the home to great saints and warriors. It is a popular tourist destination and a Sikhism-related location. The Golden Temple, the Five Takhts of Sikhism, and the most sacred Sikh sites are all located in Punjab. In addition, it is a significant producer of dairy goods, rice, and wheat. The anticipated population of Punjab in 2022 is 30.7 million people or so. The population of Punjab is rated 16th in India, and the state of Punjab has about 22 districts.

We can infer from the population that many people require machine-made bricks in order to construct their ideal home, structure, and more. There are many manufacturers of machine-made bricks in Punjab, but Mahaluxmi Bricks is one of them and offers the highest-quality machine-made bricks at the most competitive costs. We can all agree that not everyone can offer a large selection of bricks, but don’t worry—Mahaluxmi  Bricks can offer you a vast selection of bricks, tiles, and any other related things at fair prices.

Why People Choose Us: 

In the lovely city of Punjab, there are many customers who are very satisfied with Mahaluxmi Bricks services. Our primary goals are to satisfy our customers and deliver superior quality bricks on schedule. Here are some highlights that will help you understand why customers select us as one of the top machine-made manufacturers in Punjab:

  • Mahaluxmi Brick manufactures machine-made bricks with the intention of keeping the construction process environmentally benign.
  • absolutely no-salt bricks
  • Bricks that are uniform in size and shape are of high quality.
  • The prices are really reasonable.

Benefits of Brick-Making Equipment in Punjab

The machine made bricks dealers in Punjab have the following benefits, which are listed below:

  • possess a lower water absorption capacity
  • Noise, water, and fire resistance
  • sharp edges with a smooth finish
  • Plaster is not necessary for the facade.
  • Brunt extensively, with a strong crimson hue.
  • consistent in size and shape
  • uniform in texture, producing a loud ringing sound when touched
  • absolutely no-salt bricks
  • Lack of efflorescence
  • less mortar is being used

Contact Details of Mahaluxmi Bricks:

Company Name – Mahaluxmi Bricks 

Contact Number – +91-1762281494, +91-9988999210

Email Address –

Registered Address – Derabassi – Barwala Road, Near Gali no.- 10, Opposite ATS Flats, Derabassi, Punjab – 140507


  • Who are the best Bricks Suppliers In Punjab?

Look no further! The machine made bricks dealers in Punjab are right here at Mahaluxmi Bricks. We offer high-quality machine made bricks in Ambala, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and all across Punjab. Our bricks are crafted using the finest materials and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of brick making providing you with the perfect building solution for your project or residence.

  • What is the price of Machine Made Bricks in Punjab?

We understand that budget is an important factor for any construction project. That’s why at Mahaluxmi Bricks, the best machine made bricks manufacturers in Punjab, we offer competitive prices on our products. Our bricks are available at a range of prices depending on your requirements and the quantity you require. With the machine made bricks exporters in Punjab, Mahaluxmi Bricks will assist you in getting the best deal on all your construction needs at the most reasonable prices.

  • How much time does it take to deliver the bricks?

At Mahaluxmi, we understand that time is of the essence. That’s why we guarantee same-day delivery when you order from us. We know how important it is to get the best quality materials as quickly as possible, so rest assured – your bricks will be delivered right on schedule.

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